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La Lotería

Enjoy a great view of the bay accompanied by delicious dishes prepared on the moment.

Fresh, simple and vibrant flavors, our Lotería Restaurant offers you dishes with fresh ingredients, highlighting products of local origin and celebrating the best of Jalisco and mexican cuisine, an irresistible selection of dishes from authentic Mexican cuisine.

Entrees / $125 mxn

Octopus on toasted Bred

Boiled octopus with cilantro mayonaisse in
fine herbs focaccia bread

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio

Au capers and lemon vinaigrette

Melanzane parmigiana

Eggplant gratined with mozzarella & parmesano cheese with tomato and basil

Tuna Poke

Chopped with soy geleé, pepper & spinach, marinated with sesame & wasabi mayonaisse

Buttered Mussels

Mediterranean Style, olives, deshidrate
tomato, lemon, chives & basil

Salads / $95 mxn

Fresh Leafs

Leafs with a tamarindo & Jamaica vinaigrette, with morita pepper and fine chicken pieces

Organic mexican lettuces

Tomato, avocado, jicama, corn, fresh cheese, garlic croutones, pumpkin seeds and Jamaica vinaigrette


Based fresh lettuce, tomato and mozzarella cheese

Caramelizad Apple

Caramelizad with sugar, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds with mango and serrano pepper vinaigrette

Soups / $125mxn

Tender Vegetables

Flavored with basil pesto

Pea and scallop cream

With goat cheese and garliced truffle

Mushrooms Soup

Seasonal mushrooms, with epazote, scented with lemon tea

Bahía special

Thick broth with shrimp meat balls, carrot,
zucchini, corn granes and mint

Main Plates / $220 mxn

Grilled Beef steak

On top of steamed vegetables, charro beans and pasilla chilli

Salmon medallion

Served with marinated mushrooms
and lime butter

Gamberi w/ pepperoni & mozzarella

On top of Fresh based lettuces, tomato
and mozzarella cheese

Octopus Diavola

Grilled octopus, marinated in fine herbs & red chilli, with tomato sauce, peppers and black olives

Grilled Mahi Mahi Fillet

Crusted with mascarpone cheese au lemon & corn flakes, served with the salad of the day

Desserts / $100mxn

creme bruleé


Flan with chocolate truffles


“A la moda” Jelly

jelly milk based with peach & mango

Temptations trio

Macaroons, quince sweet and browny with vanilla ice cream

Enjoy the best, always

Welcome home amigos!

Monday – Friday

9am – 8pm

Saturday – Sunday

8am – 10pm

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