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La Lotería

Enjoy a great view of the bay with by delicious dishes prepared on the moment, mixing flavors and elements to enjoy an incomparable experience. A relaxing, romantic and calm atmosphere. Exclusively for adults only

Fruit & Cereals

Hot-cold cereals   $90

Assorted breakfast cereals with whole milk, skimmed milk, non-lactose or soy milk. Cornflakes, Granola, All Bran y Special K

Hot Oatmeal    $90

With regular or light milk, seasonal apple, grated coconut, raisins and blueberries

Fruit muesli with yogurt   $90

Oat, almonds, coconut, raisins and tropicalfruits

Tropical fruit mix   $110

with yogurt, granola, dried seeds or cottage cheese, jam and honey

French Toast & Pancakes

Pancakes   $110

Fruit compote, homemade jam, 3 slices of bacon, butter and honey or maple syrup

Xocolate Pancakes   $130

Fruit compote, homemade jam, 3 slices of bacon, butter and honey or maple syrup

French Toast & bacon   $90

Fruit compote, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar

Bagel Smoked Salmon   $120

Slices of watermelon, capers, melon spheres, eggs to taste, cream cheese and shallot


Ommelettes whites eggs   $110

Accompanied with fried beans & guacamole

Eggs ommelettes any style   $110

Accompanied by sautéed vegetables with fine herbs, refried beans and hash brown potatoes

Motuleños Eggs   $145

Two fried eggs mounted on a semi-fried omelette, with ham bathed in ranchera sauce, platano macho, peas, mushrooms and cheese

La Lotería Ommelettes   $145

3 eggs with roasted panela cheese, chorizo, toreado chilaquiles, stuffed with zucchini flower, poblano pepper, with a mirror of red sauce, green sauce and beans

Chapulin Ommelette   $150

accompanied by grasshoppers, bathed in morita sauce, with beans and grilled cheese

Ingredient Selection:

Ham, cheese, spinach, sausage, mushrooms, chorizo, bell peppers, mixed vegetables

Salmon and cream cheese (extra $ 180)

Mexican Style

Chicken enchiladas     $120

Corn tortilla, shredded chicken, green or red sauce, pickled redonion and shredded lettuce

Chilaquiles     $130

Tortilla chips in green or red tomato sauce topped with cream, fresh cheese & onions

Al pastor chilaquiles     $160

Tortilla chips & pork meat in pieces, with pineapple, in green or red tomato sauce topped with cream, onions and refrieds beans

Bakery & Coffee

Bakery   $50

Mexican artisan bread, sweet or salty. White or whole wheat toast

Diego’s Coffee  $55


American Coffee  $50


Xocolate Frida  $65


Tea Selection   $40


Decaffeinated soluble coffee $45



something more

extra egg $ 20

Chicken $ 35

Turkey or pork sausage $ 50

Bacon $ 60

Turkey or pork ham $ 65

Chorizo $ 50

enjoy the best, always…

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